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  • Where to Catch Salmon in USA?
  • Salmon Fact Pages: Atlantic | Chinook | Chum | Coho | Cutthroat | Kokanee | Masu | Pink | Steelhead | Sockeye
  • State Salmon Laws – Salmon bag and creel limits
  • Biggest Salmon Records – World Records – by State (see where the biggest 126 lb. King Salmon was caught!)
  • Salmon Recipes! (don’t miss Vern’s Fall on the Floor Salmon recipe)
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Welcome to SALMON101!

Salmon is a fish most people absolutely love on the dinner table, we have it at least once per month, and some people eat salmon as often as weekly. Not sure about you, but we love to catch salmon too. On this site we cover everything you need to know about finding and catching salmon in North America, especially Alaska, New York, Michigan, Oregon, and California.

Join us to find out about salmon tackle and catching techniques, lures, rigs, and where to find Chinook, Silver, Kings, Sockeye, Konakee, Atlantic, Chum, and Coho salmon.

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