Florida fishing professional, Vern Lovic.
Vern Lovic, fishing fanatic and owner of Salmon101.

Hi, my name is Vern Lovic. I’m some sort of blend between Czech, Polish, Russian, and ‘other.’ I grew up in Western Pennsylvania fishing for trout in the streams and bass in the lakes as a kid, young adult, and now an older guy who still can’t get enough.

Trout fishing for me was the ultimate way to spend time. I remember dreaming about weekend sleepovers at my friend’s cabin on a prime trout stream. We’d have a drunken bash and get out before the sun came up to get some fish for lunch and dinner and do it again until we had to get back to school.

Salmon fishing is one of those activities that you don’t realize you need, but as a fisherman, you definitely do need this. You realize it the first time you go. Salmon fishing is what adults do instead of (or in addition to) trout fishing.

Salmon fishing is an adventure that millions of fishermen and fisherwomen plan meticulously for each year. Planning isn’t quite half the fun, but it’s gotta be 20% or more. I love the entire process, from dreaming of a great spot that I heard about somewhere, figuring out how to make it work with my job, my family, friends that will go with me. Money. It’s funny what you can spend on a salmon fishing trip, and yet I don’t remember ever having a trip where I regretted spending as much as I did.

If you’re planning on your first (or one of many) salmon fishing trips this year, I think you’ll find the information here useful. We cover all the salmon species, and some of the best spots to fish for this great-tasting fish.

Alaska, Michigan, New York, Oregon… all of these places (and more) have great salmon fishing available for anyone who makes the effort to plan a fishing adventure. If you haven’t it yet, you have something very special in store for you. There are still remote places you can go and find hardly a soul. Or, you can make it a social event and meet up with groups of anglers.

After decades of fishing in North America, I decided to create a website to share what I know and what many other salmon anglers have learned over decades of fishing for these incredible fish. Enjoy, and drop us a line if you have a photo, video, or story to share.

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We offer free fishing guides to help you catch all the different species of Salmon. See them here.

If you are located in or near Florida, or you just vacation there sometimes, we also have a saltwater fishing site called Salty101.com that you’re welcome to stop by to pick up some tips for catching everything from Amberjack to Tarpon.

Salmon fishing is one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures. Planning, going, catching, and eating the salmon you caught is a what it’s all about. We detail some great salmon trips in the pages of this website. Let us know what you find useful and we’ll do more of it. Thank you for visiting. Come back often.

We’ve tried hard to make Salmon101 a helpful resource for beginning and accomplished anglers. If there’s something missing, would you please let us know?

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Cheers and tight lines!

Vern L.